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Elegence Noir Teeth Whitening Powder

Our Noir Teeth Whitening Powder whitens the teeth naturally within weeks. It contains 100% natural activated charcoal and coconut, which is clinically proven to not only be a natural tooth whitener, but also detoxes the mouth, prevents cavities and freshens the breath (due to the removal of toxins and plaque). The black coloured powder brushes and easily, and has a minty fresh flavour leaving the mouth feeling clean & the teeth sparkling.

The Noir Teeth Whitening Powder is vegan friendly & not tested on animals.


1) Dampen the tooth brush and dip the head into the Noir Teeth Whitening Powder.
2) Brush your teeth for 2-4minutes.
3) Rinse your mouth with water thoroughly and enjoy a BRIGHTER SMILE !

Ingredients: 99% Activated Charcoal & Coconut, 1% Mint Oil.
Shelf Life: 3 years.

Safety :If you experience discomfort or irritation, stop use immediately.
Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid eye contact & swallowing.

For Cosmetic Use Only.

Please note: Due to the powder being black in colour it is recommeded to use the teeth whitening powder over the sink, and with it our biodegrable bamboo toothbrush. If you are using an electric toothbrush, please ensure that the toothbrush is placed into the mouth before you switch the power on.

Elégencé Noir Teeth Whitening Powder

SKU: 0005
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